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Our vision at Stone Tablets Ministries is to see the Gospel message on every Christian owned World Wide Web site and beyond. To use the Internet to it’s fullest potential by bringing the message of salvation to the world. To accomplish this will take a three-prong approach. Three types of web sites will need to be reached.

  1. Christian Sites – These are sites that sell Christian supplies or provide Christian information or services. The owners of these sites know the value of the Gospel message and should understand the importance of this vision. Seekers visit these sites looking for what Christianity is all about. We need to have a place on these sites where seekers can find the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  2. Christian Owned sites – These are sites that do not outwardly show their faith. They may be Christian Lawyers, Accountants, Businessmen, etc. They use the WEB as an advertisement vehicle. Many non-believers visit these sites every day. Placing an invitation for these people to learn more about Jesus would be a wonderful way to fulfill the "Great Commission." The conventional wisdom is that this could keep business away. This could be true in some very special circumstances. We believe that in most cases that these sites will be blessed for their obedience to the Lord.
  3. Non-Christian Sites – This is the beyond part of the vision and is not an impossible task. There are many sites that will put anything on their site just to increase visitation. Yes…the Gospel message may be next to a link to learn about aliens from outer space. This is much better than if the site only had the alien link. The person now has a choice that God can use. Another way is to use banner exchange programs. With this program if you place a banner on your site and in turn you are allowed to add a banner to their network. Create a banner with the Gospel message and add it to their network. Your banner will then show up on all types of sites and reach people you never thought of.


We welcome you to join in this vision. We have placed the complete Gospel message on a WEB page. It is called "THE TRUTH."  We have also created the animated icon below that can quickly be added to a WEB page. Visit our World Wide Witnessing page for information on adding this icon to your site.

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Please email us at Stone Tablets Mail if you do add this icon to your page or if you have any comments about "A United Web for Jesus Christ."  At this point we would like to state that "The Truth" page was created for our site.  We are offering it as a convenience to site owners and to help you save time and disk space.  The vision is to see the message of salvation on every site not to see "The Truth" on every site.   To this end we created a page to help you create your own Gospel page.  We hope that the ideas are helpful to you and that you will join us in this vision.

Thank you for your time in reading this vision statement. We pray that if you do not already have His Gospel message on your site that you add it and pass the Good News on to someone that needs it.