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Our goal is to help Christians share their faith effectively for our Lord Jesus Christ. Our ministries will help you to learn how to reach people locally and around the world. Feel free to visit each ministry page. Help us grow our Porn Busters ministry. Please ask your church to pray for this ministry.


Exciting News!!! We will be soon be renaming our website to MyEvangelism

Join us in telling other Christians about this is change!


We invite you to visit our "Truth Page" to learn more about Jesus.

World Wide Witnessing or WWW

Is the Great Commission impossible? No...By God's grace, we show you how to do this without leaving your town and even your house!  Lean how to use WebTracts to reach people all around the world for Christ!

Personal Evangelism

Learn how to witness to your neighbor, best friend or perfect stranger. We believe in the use of Christian Tracts to spread His word around the world.


Our new website name! Let your church know about this awesome update!!

Christian Links

Visit our extensive list of Christian websites.

Porn Busters

Learn how to keep your family safe from pornography on the internet and how to help fight Porn!

New Kid Ministries

We have partnered with this wonderful evangelical outreach ministry. Please visit the New Kid Ministries today.

STM Community

We would like to hear from you.

Who Are We?

Great question. It is very important to know about the people behind a ministry. I would love to share my testimony with you.

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Pornography Hurts Families!


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