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Dear Friend,

I recently read an article that appeared in Newsweek.  It alarmed me, not only because of its stance on homosexuality, but because of the means that the writer used to try to discredit God's Word

The following is a paragraph from a Newsweek article called “The Gay Dilemma.”

The more we learn about the roots of homosexuality, though, the more it appears that an attraction to the same sex is something you are born with or develop so early that it is not what most of us would think of as a manageable “choice” anymore than being born black, Jewish, or female is manageable “choice.”  What traditionalists are asking, then, is for homosexuals to cut themselves off from an essential, natural part of who they are and from virtues – romantic love and the gift of sex in a monogamous relationship, among other things – most believes think are part of a life lived in a godly way.   And if science now teaches us that being gay may be a “natural” state, how can a reading of the Bible, including Saint Paul’s condemnation of same-sex interaction in Romans, inarguably cast homosexuality in “unnatural” terms?             Newsweek May 6, 2002

Basically, we are being asked, how could we believe what the Bible says when science states something different.  Sound familiar?   The intriguing part of this paragraph is that it makes no mention of interpretation.  The writer apparently feels so confident in the reader’s belief in science that no effort is made to show how the verse may be incorrectly read. 

My question is why?  The article is obviously written for Christians to read since most non-Christians could not care less what happens in the church setting.  Has the Body of Christ moved so far away from the Truth that this kind of argument can be made? 

We must turn this around and make it clear to the world that the Word of God is unchanging and entirely true.  I ask each of you that are reading this letter to make this an item of prayer and if given the opportunity, to speak out in you’re church.  We must lift the Word of God high and make it clear that science will never replace God’s truth within the church.

Please feel free to send the URL of this letter to anyone who may benefit from it.  I am interested to know your options on this issue. 

Your friend in Christ,

Rick F. Kohnenkamp