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Tracts...God uses tracts and so should we!


At Stone Tablets Ministries we believe that tracts can be one best ways to have a personal witness in our impersonal world. They travel further, last longer, and often say it better than any other method of evangelism. Please understand that we do not believe that they can replace relational evangelism. Giving a personal testimony and living your life for Christ is by far more powerful then any tract. With that in mind it has been said that a person hears the gospel eight or nine times before he or she comes to Christ. A tract can be one of those times. It can be used to start a person searching for something that they have never had the opportunity to hear about before. Here are some "Tract Tips" that we got from the American Tract Society:

Pray when you distribute tracts

You cannot win a soul to Christ, nor can any tract. Only the Holy Spirit can. So be sure to pray while you work. Ask the Lord to lead you to the right person. Ask Him to help you select the right tract. And ask Him to help the reader to understand the message.


Offer tracts in a friendly sprit

A frowning face or an argumentative approach may lose a reader for your tract. It's amazing how often a tract is accepted if it is offered with a friendly smile.


Don’t force tract on people

Usually it is better to distribute a dozen tracts carefully and prayerfully than to hand out a hundred tracts thoughtlessly.


Give tracts that are appropriate

A tract should ideally fit the needs of the person it is given to. Try to select a tract that seems to appropriate for each individual.


Talk with the person, if possible

This will help you stimulate interest. Try to guide the conversation so you can offer your tract. If you can get the prospective reader to ask for it or agree to read it, so much the better.


Use a tract a day

Begin by using at least one tract each day in your normal routine and you will be amazed as you see the Lord bless your work and give you satisfaction doing it.