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Try New Ways to Use Tracts!


We knew that this would get your attention. This is one of the core parts of our Ministry.  We believe that handing out tracts is not the only way to use tracts to spread God's message.  We would like to encourage you to use your imagination when using tracts.  The Holy Spirit will do the most important part.  Your job is simply to get the tract in a person's hand so they can read it.  The Lord may use several people to bring a person to Him.  Your part may be to place a tract somewhere that the person will find it and start seeking.

Remember to pray for the Holy Spirit to give you the boldness that you will need and to guide you to the correct place.  Then listen to Him!  Here are some ways that you can use to spread God's message:

Bathroom Ministry

We will start with this one since it was the one that probably bought you here.  Yes, put tracts in public restrooms.  We can not think of a better place where you are assured a captive audience.  People love to read, especially men, in restrooms.  So take advantage of it and give them some good reading material.


Mail Ministry

Use tracts in business and personal letters, when paying bills (on time), with greeting cards, and in conjunction with holidays.  The person on the receiving end will know that someone cares for them.  They will soon find out that the person that cares for them is Jesus!


Service Ministry

Give or leave a tract for someone who has performed a service for you.   This could be a sales clerk, a repairman, or a waitress.  What better way to leave a tip than one that can bring salvation!  The tract is not meant to replace the tip but to be additional to it.  If you are a frequent customer then it will give you an opportunity to witness the next time you see the person.


Gas Ministry

Do you own a car and live anywhere in the U.S. except New Jersey?   Then you most likely pump your own gas.  This gives you an opportunity to leave a tract for the next person to use the pump.  On some pump handles there is a advertisement.   If the tract is small like our "Free" tract, you can put it right on the handle of the nozzle.  If you do live in New Jersey then you can give the tract to the attendant.  Try it the next time that you gas up!


Cult Ministry

Walking up to a person that is a member of a cult can be a very difficult thing to do.  We would not suggest that you try this until you have spent a great deal of time witnessing and the Lord is guiding you in this direction.  You can make a difference without having to go face to face with a cult member.  In most libraries there is a section devoted to gift subscriptions. These are full of cult magazines. You can put a tract in these magazines.  There are specialized tracts directed to cults that would be very effective.  You can also mail a tract to a local cult place of worship.  Remember that God may be working in the heart of the cult member that opens the magazine or receives the tract letter.


Video Ministry

When retuning your rented video you can put a tract in the return slot with the video. This way the person working in the video store will find the tract in the pile of tape's and DVD's. You can also put a tract on any of the offensive video's within the store.


Phone Ministry

Place a tract in the headphone cradle on a public telephone.  The headphone will keep the tract in place and the person must remove the tract to use the phone.  You can also place the tract on top of the phone.  This way, while the person is talking, they will see the tract and take it.