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Pornography Hurts Families!



This web page system is like the systems used by the Porn Peddlers. The importance difference is that it presents the gospel.  When completed the seeker is presented God's truth four times!







Visitors that Completed the Cycle - 34!

Received valid email addresses - 429



Our Lord is using The Cycle...Paul recently emailed us that he accepted Jesus as his Savior.  In his comments, we believe, he is writing about Step Three of The Cycle:


"Pray for me to get better from the sickness I have created on myself. Thank you for the e-mail that I received."...Paul

Truth About Pornography

Porn Kills Great Sex.

Porn Robs Male Potency.

Porn Steals Pleasure.

Porn Creates Isolation.

Porn Destroys Dignity.

Porn Flunks Sex Education.

Porn Lies to YOU!

Step One - We have a special Web Pages. They looks just like, but never clams to be, the first page of a Porn Site that asks if the visitor is over 18 years old.  The difference is that it requests the visitors email address to enter.  So they voluntarily give us their email address. They are then taken to a page with presents the only way out of the bondage of Porn.


Step Two - There is a link on the page which is called "Exit."  It brings the visitor to a page which has a picture of the Cross and Romans 3:23.


Step Three - We send them an email that talks about the sin of lust and how to receive God's forgiveness.  There is also the typical link to be taken off of our mailing list.


Step Four - The visitor clicks on the link to be removed from our mailing list and is brought to a page which again presents the sin of lust and an offer to learn about God's love.  We then remove their address from our list and the cycle is complete.  Look in the yellow box to see how many have completed the cycle.  Praise God!


You can help by posting the address (URL) to Anti-Porn WebTracts on appropriate message boards, Porn Link pages and by talking about them in chat rooms.



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